Bintang Bolong (2 Day Trip)

This 2 day Bintang Bolong Trip is a unique adventure, without many other tourists, a lot of variety. You can experience a real piece of Gambia. This trip guides you to a very special place on the South side of the Gambia River, in the middle of the Mangrove Forests.

The trip starts with a visit to the cattle market, goats, and the craft market. After this, we head to Bintang Bolong. Bintang Bolong is a small lodge which is built on the side of the Gambia River.

You stay the night in small and cosy rooms which are built on stilts in the side waters of the Gambia River.

Thanks to the salty water, you will not find many mosquitoes here. Bintang Bolong is situated next to a small, simple village. Where you can see children swimming and fishing.

Musa will accompany you through this village where you will be able to learn a lot about the habits and culture of the local people in a short period of time. Sometimes you can see women who are shelling oysters.

If you would like to take a picture of the local people, before you do so, please first ask them for permission.

The road to the lodge is a adventure in its self. Cars are driving on both the left and right side of the road, and often off road too!

Don't be surprised when you suddenly see a few cows or goats on the middle of the road. Brintang Bolong is a lovely quiet place surrounded by nature, here you are able to fully relax, swim and visit the local inhabitants. At night you will get a traditional African dish, after which you can see the sunset on the river. This is a unique moment of a perfect day. You will sleep in a small and cosy lodge, which includes your own toilet and shower.

There will be a solar energy lamp in the rooms. When you wake up in the morning, you will open the porch doors and have an incredible vista over the river. After breakfast you have an optional boat trip with the local inhabitants, this is recommended since it will give you the true "Gambia" feeling.

Before you are brought back to your hotel, you will pass by a Snake Farm in Makasutu Lodge, where you can see many different kinds of snakes. At the end of the afternoon you will be brought back home safely.

This 2 day Bintang Bolong Trip is a unique adventure, without many other tourists, a lot of variety and a real piece of Gambia. You can book this trip for €95.00 per person (with a minimum of 2 persons) or a group of 4 for €75.00 per person, incl. overnight stay, simple dinner and breakfast, visit to a local village, visit cow market and craft market and the last day the snake farm.

You get free soft drinks and water in the car. Consumptions and the boat trip are also excluded.

Weather in Gambia

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