My Family and Me

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Musa Sanneh, I am a married man and I have three wonderful children.

I am a licensed Tourist Taxi driver (Green Taxis) for more than 4 years. Every taxi driver in Gambia needs a certification in order to drive a Green Taxi, this ensures that the car is safe, insured and that the driver is skilled and can legally drive.

I drive a 4 wheel-drive Mitsubishi Van, which carries up to 10 people. The 4 wheel-drive is often necessary, especially for longer tours, or when it has rained a lot and the terrain becomes difficult for non 4 wheel drive vehicles.

My native language is the African Maninka, but the official language is English in Gambia, so I also speak fluent English.

If you would like to book a taxi or a tour, you can get in touch by sending me an email in English or contact my Dutch associate, Guda.

My family

Lalea with Fatima

These are the kids of our Compound.

Weather in Gambia

Weather data OK.
25 °C